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Fuel Cells


WFC- 002

Clear high pressure PVC

Clear PVC



316 stainless tubes






Magnetic Motor Generator

Robert Adams Replica

over unity



Electronic control





PWMs in Case

Micro Star finished in plastic case





Completely assembled

Micro Star PWM



Completely assembled

Nova Star

Nova Star



Electronic Components and Kits

Micro Star Kits

Micro star



Nova Star Kit




Flash back arrestors




Work has commenced on Micro Star Version 2.8XXX. A preliminary schematic is already available to be viewed on the link below. Version 2.8XXX


The Hydrogen Shop Products

Our mission is the evolution, development and growth of alternative energy in order to subvert and change the energy paradigm in the world.

MMG 4.1

New Software Version 4.103-1

We have Just up Dated the pulse motor driver. The popularly of this little unit has been great and some upgrades where requested.


pulse Motor driver

Bedini Adams Motor


Water Fuel Cell Electronics

The Micro Star PWM Sale
The Micro Star PWM signal generator has been used to faithfully replicate the pulse width modulation circuits of Dave Lawton and Stan Meyers to power water fuel cells.
This PWM has been so successful in its applications that we are about to release Version 2.705. We are having a sale of our current stock of Micro Star PCB’s and processors to make way for this latest model.

Sold Out.

The WFC-030 is now sold out.

See WFC-031 as replacement.

Sale package includes:

One printed circuit board (PCB)

PIC micro processor 16F648 - programmed with software Version 2.605




The Micro Star PWM 2.705

The Sale of the original Micro Stars has been very popular. It is clear that a lot of people like the PCB and processor package. We are going to release Version 2.705 with the PIC micro processor 16F648 SOIC - SMD programmed with software Version 2.605 on the board.

This is a surface mount version and will be supplied with the chips already soldered on the board.

WFC-031 $39.00




Acceptance Mark




Software up grade for Micro Star

Version 2.605 Now available, Click here

Hi Rodney,
I really like the new program - lots of options. I've been playing around with the number of pulses sent option. I will be winding a new transformer in the near future and will be trying out some of the other features. I find I get better results in the 5kHz range.

I will stay in touch.



Custom Made cell


The Hydrogen Shop


New heat Sink for the nova star. We decided to give the nova Star a larger heat sink to improve heat dissipation in less ventilated environment.

Nova Star

Nova Star

over unity

The Hydrogen Shop

Energy for the Home User

Lots of people today are starting to think about alterative fuels.
If any other fuel source is ever going to become available it will spring from the general public.

The next great changes in energy and alternative fuels will not come from energy companies and corporations.The energy problems of the world are going to be solved by the people at the domestic level.
The corporations are not going to help.
As people gather their combined manufacturing and inventive needs they will outstrip anything one company can do.
We would have more manufacturing power than any multinational company.

All these goods will be brought and sold all over the world.
After all, we are the ones that can least afford the prices of energy.
We all want cheaper and greener ways of obtaining energy.

Much of this is still at the experimental stage.
I want to spread the technology and get as many people working on this as possible, all sharing ideas.
It’s evident that lots of people are interested in copying some of the
new ideas and experiments they have seen on “You Tube” and other places but I don’t have the resources to do a lot at this time.

I need to fund the research to further develop and manufacture the technology.


I did not expect this

The shop was created for research purposes but my research time is being swallowed up with manufacturing and sales; however, I need manufacturing and sales to fund the research, and even create a reason for the research.
So work on the projects has taken a back seat.
I am constantly being asked for information on how to do things and I love helping people to achieve a forward direction with new energy sources, but I can only answer these questions with research and I cannot fund the research without the sales from the shop.

This is my dilemma. I find myself in a very interesting situation.
I do not have all the answers now, but in time, as the research continues and the shop grows, I look forward to sharing my knowledge, as always. I find I am learning from my customer as much as they learn from me and this was always the goal…to bring knowledge together.
My intention is to distribute the knowledge in the same spirit in which it was given.

Edison down load

Our new cell Cover Girl, Lauren.






Images from others

The Nova Star installed in a new cell.

This was sent by a customer



WFC Cells