The Hydrogen Shop

The Hydrogen Shop

Micro Star PWM


This is a low cost microprocessor pulse width modulation circuit to replicate the 555
timer circuits of the Dave Lawton’s


The Hydrogen Shop

Micro Star PWM

The Micro Star

The computer chip on the board is timed by a 20MHz crystal oscillator. This is the clock that sets the time base for the Pulse Width Modulator. All the timing characteristics of the pulse width signal, e.g. frequency, duty cycle, marked spacing, etc. will all be controlled by the Processor.

The computer will give a direct read-out of the frequency back to a small LCD screen. The user can therefore adjust all these parameters at the touch of a small 12 digit key pad.

The computer will deliver the REStar module PWM signal but also replicate the Dave Lawton pulse width modulator circuits and the user can quickly switch between either one of these modes and adjust all parameters of these modes.

The unit is called the Micro Star and is Now in production. .It is relatively cost comparable to the REStar module.
I plan to constantly provide soft-ware upgrades and circuit board add-ons so the user can expand on the current investment in the module.

The Nova Star comes as a standard fitted unit to the Micro Star WFC-020. 

New look 2.705. All SMD Electronics.





New look. less noise. All surface mount PCB.

Mico Star

Inside View Assembled Unit

f you have some electronics knowlege you can assemble yo

ur o


Electronic Component List

WFC-030. Old model Electronics Kit

Sale on PCB and Processor .


Note PCB and Programmed Processor Only




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